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Jeremy’s story

Jeremy’s story

I had always been too active to even worry about my weight. After all, I played rugby professionally. 

But a few years ago, I injured myself seriously and that was the end for me and rugby. 

Although I didn’t mean to, I gained weight steadily until I was around 310 pounds. 

Now, I have always been a big guy. I’m not a naturally thin individual. I put on lots of muscle and get bulky when I’m taking care of myself. 

But 310 pounds was out of the question. I felt and looked bad. 

My wife and I both used to love carbohydrates—especially Italian food. We ate lots of pizza and loved to make baked spaghetti loaded with cheese and sauce, with a crusty side of garlic bread. We thought that was yum yum goody! Now, I don’t even miss pizza AT ALL. 

But without rugby to keep me lean and active, my eating habit spiraled out of control — and so did my weight.

I kept eating like I was still playing rugby and powerlifting at the gym, even though I was very inactive due to the injury. 

After a while, I’ve accepted that I’m just a “bigger unit” but that acceptance was not at all healthy — physically or psychologically. 

Then I discovered the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting and I’ve lost 90 pounds in just 7 months. 

It’s amazing, really. 

Now, my weight is between  201-210 pounds and I’m very active again. 

I like operating at a calorie deficit now. Keto keeps you so satisfied that dieting is no longer a pain.

"In fact, ketogenic diet keeps you so satisfied that you can go for long periods without food."

And just as Dr. Berg says in his videos, this is very good for leaning down and spiking all the growth hormones that keep you young-looking. It keeps you from getting saggy skin which can result from other types of diet. 

If you look at my photos, you’ll notice that I don’t have loose skin even though I’ve lost nearly 100 pounds.

At first, I kind of missed pizza night – but my wife helps in keeping ketogenic diet exciting. She’s always making fat bombs and keto-friendly desserts to keep our meals interesting. 

Remarkably, I’ve noticed that if I eat the slightest bit of artificial sweeteners, it activates a HUNGER monster in me that cannot be satisfied. I eat and eat and eat which was not good at all. 

So, I like to avoid artificial sweeteners and keep things naturally sweet with dark chocolate instead.  

I love eating dark green vegetables and I also enjoy eating food with moderate protein and fat. 

In fact, I eat so much spinach I developed gout, but I upped my apple cider vinegar intake which knocked the gout right out. 

I also notice that I’m way sharper. Before I started Dr. Berg’s program, I was often foggy and forgetful. Now my brain is in complete “attack mode”. 

I’m always looking for something to do — even before I take that first sip of coffee. I’m always in ultra-high gear and ready for a day of high energy and accomplishments. 

I seldom read before but now I read about 2 books a week. I’m so hungry to learn and live that I cannot be stopped. 

Thanks, Dr. Berg, for an amazing program that has helped both me and my wife lose tons of weight and reach new levels of energy and happiness. 


Before                                          After



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