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Jack Conway’s story

Jack Conway’s story

I was always a guy that maintained a healthy weight. But in the two decades after college, I kept gaining and gaining more weight, and soon, my weight began rising steadily toward the 300-pound mark

I tried Atkins. I lost weight with that diet but soon, I would lose that the battle with hunger and habit and would gain the weight back quite quickly.

While I wasn't diabetic—not yet—I now know that my blood sugars were on a fast track to diabetes. My family physician mostly, recommended a diet of whole grains and lean meats.  I had high blood pressure and my doctor wanted to put me on statins.

I have a family history of obesity, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular problems and began to think there wasn't much I could do about it as I approached the age of fifty—especially given the way the metabolism slows, we lose metabolism-boosting testosterone and all.

I knew I couldn’t go through Atkins again. It made me feel weak and tired and it seemed like the weight was just sitting there waiting to leap back onto my body.

I developed a long list of medical problems because of my obesity, including high blood pressure, Fat Storing Hormone resistance, metabolic syndrome, severe sleepiness after eating, joint pain, skin tags, heartburn, eyelid inflammation (blepharitis), and gout.

In my desperation for answers to these many health issues and how to achieve, for once, lasting weight loss, I did a YouTube search for how to lose weight and keep it off and –suddenly—I found Dr. Berg and these wonderful bite-sized videos that I could learn from at my own pace—in chunks. Because the videos were short, simple, and easy to understand, I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I felt convinced.

Dr. Berg's influence has been so profound and essential for my weight loss journey. 

His bite-size daily content was part of my strategy to focus on a lifestyle process instead of a weight goal.  

Dr. Berg’s mantra “get healthy to lose weight not lose weight to get healthy” resonated with me. 

Since January, when I began really following Dr. Berg’s advice, I’ve lost 80 pounds. That’s 80 pounds in six months. Not bad for a man of 50!

More specifically Dr. Berg's teachings combined with his book helped me to understand:

  1. It's not just calories in, calories out
  2. that healthy fats are key to satiety and ending sugar addiction
  3. that alcohol plays a great role in obesity
  4. that inflammation is caused by grains/sugars/industrial seed oils
  5. that there are other serious health consequences caused by grains and industrial seed oils
  6. the significant role of Fat Storing Hormone in fat storage and blocking fat burning
  7. all about Fat Storing Hormone resistance and metabolic syndrome
  8. the true role of cholesterol in their body
  9. The benefits of time-restricted eating and Intermittent fasting
  10. That there are certain foods that can aid me on my weight loss journey

I came to rely on Dr. Berg's advice every day, and he also helped me to understand that I was not alone in my struggles, that many people were going through the same thing in his group.

It also became very clear to me that Dr. Berg knew much, much more than my family physician about nutrition and endocrinology. e

I also believed Dr. Berg when he said the cravings for sweets and snacking would go away.  He was right! The fact that my life is now free from constantly thinking about food and that I can go many hours or even days without being hungry as I became fat adapted is one of the greatest unforeseen benefits of this Ketogenic way of eating. 

I'm grateful Dr. Berg puts a fresh message out every day and his books are helpful to increase my knowledge as well. Now, seven months into my journey I'm helping other people in my social circle and turning them on to Dr. Berg's Facebook page and YouTube channel.

The ketogenic diet is challenging for – at most-- the first few weeks—but Dr. Berg said the cravings and desire to snack would subside and he was right!

Keto is a very comfortable lifestyle for me.  I find I no longer crave something sweet and the Keto/IF way of eating brings plenty of satiety. 

My health has improved in virtually every aspect of my life. Just look at the long list of health problems don’t the Keto/KF program.

How has health improved across the board.

There are many benefits other than the obvious that I feel so much better.

  1. I don't need naps anymore
  2. Not sleepy after eating
  3. I feel much more alert
  4. My skin tags are gone
  5. Heartburn disappeared 
  6. Blood pressure is lower
  7. Eye lid inflammation (blepharitis) went away
  8. Occasional heart arrhythmia went away
  9. Joint pain in lower back, hips, and knees went away
  10. Freedom from constantly thinking about food went away

 I would say to someone ready to try this new lifestyle and way of eating to go into it without a weight loss goal. 

Yes, you read that right.  No goal in pounds lost.  Rather, I would suggest committing to 60, 90, or 120 days in following Dr. Berg's advice to get healthy and the weight will come off. 

After your initial time commitment, you can reassess but you won't want to go back to that inflammatory way of eating with the Standard American Diet. 

What's more, go to Dr. Berg's YouTube channel and Facebook group page daily for guidance and to know that you are not alone in your journey.   It's a process to be followed...so follow the process and reap the benefits your body has been waiting for.

I want to encourage everyone to read and listen to Dr. Berg as much as possible. Through his short, easy-to-understand videos on how to do everything from intermittent fasting to getting into ketosis, to getting all the minerals and vitamins you need to stay feeling energetic and avoiding any side effects.

In just two to three short weeks, you’ll feel the inflammation leaving your body in no time, as well as water weight—and of course, your own body fat. Again, I lost 80 pounds in just 6 mere months, just focusing on Dr. Berg’s most important mission—one to get healthy to lose weight, not lose weight to get healthy.

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