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Dylan's story

Dylan's story


My name is Dylan and I am from central Wisconsin and I own a family barbeque restaurant. That is just part of what was working against me to cause a big weight gain that started in my 20s. The other part was due to the trauma of a severe injury I received playing football while I was on a full ride scholarship in college. I dislocated my ankle—a severe injury, that laid me up completely for six months.

I think that’s when the weight gain really started for me. But it got worse when my girlfriend became pregnant with my daughter. I think I gained pregnancy weight – and post pregnancy weight too. Lots of eating out with the kid.

My daughter recently turned five and they took family pictures at her kindergarten.

When I saw those pictures, I think it really hit me how big I had gotten. Then I stepped on the scale. Could my former college football playing body really weight almost 400 pounds? Well, I did.

Seeing that picture was the beginning of the beginning for me and I immediately began internet shopping for diets. I tried several—but they all left me feeling weak and drained of all energy.

I discovered Dr. Berg’s intermittent fasting and keto program in my Facebook feed and I loved that he explained things in such an easy to understand way. I began intermittent fasting and going to the gym 3 days a week and the weight started to come off. But it was when I added keto just three months ago that the real magic started to happen. In fact, I’ve lost around 60 pounds alone—just in those three months. So keto plus IF really speeds up the weight loss.

It was extremely hard at first being a single full time father and business owner but I kept reminding myself of my promise to myself and my daughter and pushed through it.

As of today, February 19th 2017, my weight is down to 302 lbs.

I feel better about myself both physically and mentally than I have in longer than I can remember.

I am now doing an 18-6 intermittent fasting split and going to the gym 6 nights a week and going stronger than ever before. I eat the bulk of my meals between 10 or 11 am and try to stop eating at 4 pm daily. That seems to really work for me.

I don’t do much coconut oil but I do eat a lot of olive oil and grapeseed oil. That, grass fed butter, bacon, and avocadoes are my favorite fats.

Being 6 foot 4, I can get away with more carbohydrate than probably the average person and stay in ketosis—so I can eat up to 50 to 60 grams and still be running on ketones.

I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months have in store as I made a commitment with my younger brother whom is a US marine to start doing tough mudders with him. I will never go back to where I was thanks to intermittent fasting, keto, and proper diet and exercise!

With keto and intermittent fasting, I don’t feel as sluggish and I have scads of energy; I feel like I want to accomplish all kinds of big, positive things.

Other changes I’ve noticed are that

  1. I have a lot more energy
  2. I sleep better
  3. I get more accomplished
  4. Not running around lie a crazy, unfocused person anymore
  5. I can really focus and get more done every day.

For meats I do beef pork chicken—lots of chicken and I eat lots of nutrient dense greens like kale, spinach, and arugula.

Usually in the mornings I have some eggs – I like salsa and cheese with those.

If I have any advice for people out there who are trying to lose weight, it’s don’t get discouraged. It might take some time but you will lose weight. I think everyone has different things working against them—but keto plus IF really started making the weight fall off fast for me!

It only took me a few days to get into keto once I decided to add that with intermittent fasting and I lost 6 pounds that first week alone!

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