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Chrystal Susut's story

Chrystal Susut didn’t switch to Keto in order to lose weight, but the pounds seemed to melt off anyway. Since May 2018, Susut has lost 33 pounds and went from a size 22 to a size 16/18 after only a few months of living the Keto lifestyle.


Susut mentions health issues are what propelled her to change her eating habits. “I was taking four prescription medications for my health problems and nothing was working,” Susut remembers. “I was at my breaking point.”


After being diagnosed with Central Sensitivity Syndrome and Type II Diabetes, Susut did some research and eating a whole food diet came up as a way to combat these issues. Her friend Patricia Myers told Susut about Dr. Berg’s videos in April 2018 and everything started making sense. “There was an undeniable logic to it,” says Susut.


She saw time and time again her friends trying countless fad diets where they’d lose weight but feel miserable. Eventually they’d gain that lost weight back anyway but when she noticed her friend Myers feeling great while shedding the weight doing Keto, Susut took notice.


“I used to have heartburn, now I don’t. I used to have skin tags and dark spots, now they’re gone. My blood sugar levels are excellent as well!” Susut exclaims. She’s also relishing in being able to walk easier, loves feeling more energized, and the compliments from friends and family don’t hurt either.


But it hasn’t been the easiest road. Susut has been using food as emotional support for over 25 years and as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, she explains how giving up emotional eating was like losing a close friend. “I have been working with a psychologist while on this journey and have started to embrace my weight loss as part of my healing,” says Susut. “Instead of feeling panicked about losing dress sizes and weight, I am now starting to feel proud of myself.”


Having to buy a new wardrobe as her waistline shrinks has been a bit of a challenge for Susut too and her husband jokes that she should just be renting her new clothes as she’s sure to drop even more weight with the help of Dr. Berg’s tips.


Susut found her main sources of support in her friend Myers and in Dr. Berg and his social media channel Dr. Berg Keto and IF Lab. Dr. Berg helped Susut pay less attention to the scale and to really understand her diabetes. “As a diabetic, you know a lot about how high sugar levels affect you, but not high insulin levels,” says Susut. “Dr. Berg really helped me understand a lot.”


“I really wish I would’ve started sooner,” says Susut. “I could’ve avoided becoming diabetic.” She urges people who are interested in Keto to start now and quit waiting to begin your journey to health. Susut has first-hand experience letting pharmaceuticals dictate her life and now she’s taking responsibility and seeing results. “Overall, I think the best part is really feeling like I am taking care of myself and giving my body its best chance of a healthy future,” Susut says.


A note from Chrystal Susut: “Thank you, thank you Dr. Berg for all you have done and continue to do for all of us,” says Susut. “You have made such a difference in so many people’s lives and we couldn’t have done it without your support. I look forward to sending you another update in a few months. God bless you.”


Favorite Way to Exercise: Susut loves to walk. Instead of having coffee or lunch with friends, she invites them on a walk. Saves some money that way, too!


Favorite Keto Recipe: Dr. Berg’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. Susut has 4 kids and 5 grandkids so making something they all love that isn’t bad for them is a win-win.



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