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Adam's story

Adam's story

My weight problems started when I was around 17 years old. I joined my basketball team and they told me I wasn’t big enough. I was certainly TALL enough—at 6’5” but they wanted more weight on me.

So I started carb loading, as they advised, and sitting on my behind a lot. Lots of t.v. and being a sloth, basically. And of course, I gained massive amounts of weight.

Ever since that carb loading at 17, I began gaining weight steadily.

Two years ago, I reached a weight of 320. I got that way through depression and eating to fill a void. I was working as a record exec and I lost my job. This was when I began that period of emotional eating that got me up to a weight of 320.

I had tried keto twice before and it didn’t work.

But with Dr. Berg’s plan I’ve lost weight and kept it off successfully. And I think it’s because Dr. Berg focuses on getting the right nutrition. In the past,

I was influenced too much about calorie restricting. I was still trying to apply that bad information with good information. 

He focuses on getting nutrients and veggies—at 28 now, I’m consuming LOTS of vegetables.
And he mentions things that no other keto people do. The importance of nutrients, bitter vegetables to get the fat off the liver—and I drink a kale shake every day that I add even more kale and dark greens too.

I feel great – my fiancé is losing weight too lots of it.

I’ve lost 100 pounds in 5 months—I mean, it was so easy and I lost it so easy that I actually had to start lifting not to look sick—lost all that weight in five months.

Before, all my weight loss attempts failed. In fact, I started trying to lose weight about May of last year. I kept my diet the same and started exercising – 4 or 5 days a week even and only lost 4 pounds.

Then, October 2nd came. And I got inspired—I wanted this to be MY year I got better and I discovered dr. berg 2 weeks later--- it took some trial runs but I lost 101 pounds

The thing is a large part of it is I’ve been doing the one meal a day about 6 or 7 p.m. keeping carbs between 20 to 25 carbs and I’m able to go all the way until the next day till 6 or 7 and not eat because I’m NEVER hungry. The fat is so satisfying and I do it just like he says—fatty cuts of meat, like bacon and pork belly.

Now I’m up early. I sleep well. I have new hobbies. I read all the time now. I have so many ideas for my life now. I think its because I have more “gas in the tank.” I attribute this to a new lifestyle.

And I tell people that -- this is not a diet—it’s a lifestyle.

I’m getting a lot of people into keto and IF with YouTube. And I shout out Dr. Berg the whole way through. Without a doubt Dr. Berg is the most thorough that I’ve found. The healthiest version of keto that’s around. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtyQN9SMJ0Y

Happy and healthy and 100 pounds lighter.

Thank you Dr. Berg!

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