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Stephen Wilson's Story

Stephen Wilson began his keto journey on January 9, 2019, weighing in at 264 pounds (120 kg).

“I was sitting on a plane and my family were eating their lunch and laughing at me because I could not get the seat tray down to eat my food because of the size of my belly,” said Wilson. “Things needed to change.”

He started a “normal” diet of cutting calories but had a “miserable time.” Then he found a Dr. Berg clip online.

“Dr. Berg has changed my life forever and I have never even met the guy,” said Wilson. “His advice is presented in a clear way that is easy to understand and that's fantastic.”

At the start of his keto journey, Wilson wasn’t eating “clean”: his diet consisted mostly of cheese and bacon. From watching Dr. Berg’s videos he learned to eat better-quality foods and to add leafy green vegetables to his diet.

“I also started walking every day and counting macros, not calories,” he said. “The weight started flying off. Then, I started going to the gym and stocked up [on] great food ingredients and spices.”

After five months of keto, Wilson began intermittent fasting and found that it allows him to save money on food. Now, the food he buys is of better quality and organic.

In only six months, he has lost 72 pounds (32 kg). He has constant energy.

While his family is supportive, Wilson gets most of his encouragement from Dr. Berg’s website.

“If on the 8th of January this year you told me that I would be over 72 pounds lighter, going to the gym three times a week, and feeling 20 years younger with clear skin and not needing to use reading glasses anymore, then I would have said I would have more chances of winning the lottery!” he said. “In a way, I suppose I did win my own personal health lottery.”

Favorite Way to Exercise: Wilson works with a personal trainer.

Favorite Keto Recipes: Cauliflower pizza, crispy kale chips, and bone broth

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