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Stephanie's Story

Stephanie began her keto journey three years ago to assist in her struggle with the tumorigenic fibroadenomas that she’s had since age 19.

At first, doctors told her that this condition was nothing to worry about; but in her mid-20s, it began to cause concern. One grew to the size of a golf ball and the other developed unusual sprouting. After a few biopsies and extractions, Stephanie was told she’d need to get a checkup every four months for the rest of her life to monitor her health.

“I felt defeated, scared, and like I had no control of what was going on with my own body,” she said.

She became fascinated with keto after stumbling upon Dr. Berg’s YouTube videos. That was when she decided to change her lifestyle and try the keto way of eating. Luckily, her friends and family were always supportive of her choice to try keto and she’s seen great success.

Unlike many people who live a keto lifestyle, Stephanie’s main goal wasn’t weight loss. It actually became a challenge for her to maintain her weight eating two meals a day. Therefore, she does track her calories and she takes vitamins daily.

“The major lesson I learned from Dr. Berg is that when you have symptoms, it means that your body is trying to communicate with you,” said Stephanie. “I was used to going to different doctors and getting prescriptions for each individual symptom. This was both time-consuming and costly. As soon as I started applying Dr. Berg's principles of keto, I saw all my symptoms clear up and that was when I discovered the power of nutrition.”

Stephanie also struggled with acne and digestive problems before keto and she’s seen improvements in those areas as well.

“I feel like a totally different person!” she said. “I wake up every morning with high energy and no need for coffee. I used to go to a dermatologist every two weeks for cystic acne and now I no longer need to. My face is clear and glowing all the time and my friends and family have noticed a major change in my complexion. I no longer have digestive issues and I feel as though I have power over my health and well-being!”

After three years of keto, not only did her tumors stop growing, but Stephanie also discovered her love of nutrition. She sees Dr. Berg as a mentor and plans to start taking nutrition classes to learn more. She no longer fears walking into her doctor’s office for cancer screenings and only wishes she had started keto sooner.

She advises: “Take control and charge of your health! You have the power to make a huge difference just with the foods that you are putting into your body. You will never fully uncover all the benefits of keto until you try it for yourself. Everyone is different, but you only get one life and one body to live it in and it is important that we listen to the signs it gives us when something is wrong! Listen to your body, do your research, and never give up!”

Known as [email protected], check out her videos on YouTube for all things nutrition and to follow her health journey.

Favorite Way to Exercise: “I love high-intensity interval training and I like to incorporate whole-body workouts,” said Stephanie. “I like to keep it fun, do circuits, and change it up as I go! I also love to bring my workouts outdoors when the nice weather strikes.”

Favorite Keto Recipe: Dr. Berg’s Keto Bread

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