Sharon Alvarez's Story

By keeping things simple and avoiding comparisons, Sharon Alvarez took her health seriously and saw huge success with keto.

She started keto in October 2017, when she was at her heaviest weight of 190 pounds (86 kg).

“I started having knee pain and that terrified me!” said Alvarez. “My mom has had several knee surgeries, a knee replacement along with a multitude of health issues. Knee problems and diabetes run in my family and I did not want to go down that same path!”

She learned about Dr. Berg from another YouTuber who shared keto tips. Dr. Berg came highly recommended as a source to research if you were interested in keto.

“Dr. Berg really helped me understand how our bodies are affected by insulin and what happens when we’re constantly spiking insulin,” Alvarez said. “I used to do five to six small meals a day and could never figure out why I would only lose 15 to 20 pounds, then nothing. It all made so much sense!”

Knowing that she wanted to stay healthy for herself and her family, it was helpful that she had her husband’s support through the process.

“My husband has been my main support system,” said Alvarez. “He has supported and encouraged me from day one! Friends and family didn’t understand why I was losing weight and weren’t as supportive as I’d hoped they would be. If it wasn’t for my husband and the keto community I found on Instagram, I don’t think I’d be where I am today.”

Alvarez remembers the beginning of her keto journey, when the hardest part was cutting out the bread and pasta that were her “downfall.” Later on, however, the hardest part was overcoming the stalls (when she hit weight-loss plateaus) and figuring out what was right for her body type.

“[If I could do it all over again,] honestly, I’d have to say to just keep it simple,” she said. “I wanted to try so many new recipes and would sometimes get overwhelmed. I would just keep it simple, there’s nothing complicated about simplicity.”

Since starting keto, Alvarez has lost 65 pounds (29 kg). She said she feels like a new person. In the first week alone, she lost 10 pounds (4.5 kg) which was a “huge motivator” for her. As she continued to lose inches, feel better, and see the progress she was making, it encouraged her to keep going.

“[Before keto] I was depressed, uncomfortable, and just disappointed for letting myself gain more than I’d ever gained before,” she said. “Today, I’m confident, healthy and happy! It’s like a breath of fresh air!”

To anyone reading her story who’s thinking about starting keto, Alvarez had this to say: “I’d encourage you to keep pushing forward, find a good support system and don’t compare yourself to others. I feel that’s one of the biggest downfalls. Comparison is definitely a thief of joy and can rid you of all your motivation. Your journey is yours and any progress you are making is progress in the right direction!”

Favorite Way to Exercise: “My favorite way to exercise is just getting outdoors, whether it be on a hike or just a walk, that’s what I like doing,” said Alvarez. “It has to be enjoyable for me and being outdoors is just that.”

Favorite Keto Recipe: Bun-less burgers topped with avocado, bacon, and a fried egg on each.

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