Scott Blundell's Story

When Scott Blundell says that keto and Dr. Berg saved his life, he means it. “Prior to the weight loss, I had no neck,” he said. “Back in February [2019], I noticed two lumps on my neck that were not visible at my previous size.

“Long story short, [I had an] examination by my doctor, a biopsy, and a diagnosis of thyroid cancer. I am now 3 months post total thyroidectomy surgery and just underwent radioactive iodine treatment to eradicate any stray cancer not removed during surgery.”

Blundell never would have known about the cancer if it weren’t for keto and Dr. Berg. As a result he caught the lumps before it was too late.

However, let’s back up and explore the reasons why Blundell decided to lose weight in the first place. He’d tried various “fad diets” with no lasting results. His weight was up and down, peaking at 285 pounds (129 kg).

“A flight from San Diego back to Canada sparked my desire to get my weight and my life under control for good,” he said. “I, like most obese folks, was uncomfortable most of the trip and I had to ask for an [extended] seatbelt. And could not use the folding tray (which was the most embarrassing moment of my life).”

After this trip, he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and informed that he had an A1c of 11.8. A random YouTube search on keto led Blundell to what he called the “treasure trove” of Dr. Berg’s “insightful videos.”

From Dr. Berg, he learned that he wasn’t lazy, gluttonous, or unmotivated. He was just eating the wrong foods for his body. He learned all about how sugar and hidden carbs were sabotaging his efforts to become healthy.

“His info on how to reverse insulin resistance was like a road map for me and it has worked like a charm,” said Blundell.

For Blundell, the hardest part about keto was getting past the plateaus. Still, he explained that Dr. Berg’s videos helped him navigate these periods with patience, recognizing that the scale doesn’t tell the whole story.

“My wife, and mother-in-law who lives with us, were skeptical at first, based on my history with ‘diets,’” he said. “Once they saw the 18 pounds (8 kg) I lost in the first month and how easy it was for me to stick to and even enjoy, they were sold and started keto themselves.”

Although Blundell wishes he had started keto 20 years ago, the best part of the diet is that he has the freedom to live his life the way he wants to. And he can confidently say that if his cancer had been spotted pre-keto, he wouldn’t have been able to have the surgery he needed as early as he did.

“I showed the surgeon my ‘before’ picture and he said it would not have been possible,” said Blundell. “Also, my recovery has been, in his words, ‘remarkable' — thanks in no small part to the reduced stress on my body, the anti-inflammatory benefits of keto, and the energy I get from this new way of life!

To date, he has lost 105 pounds (48 kg) and his household has lost more than 250 pounds (113 kg) combined. He’s helped to encourage family members and friends to adopt a keto lifestyle, and many of them have found similar success. The way he feels now encourages Blundell to continue.

“Don't wait,” he advises. “Seize the opportunity today and make the change I did. It just may save your life!”

Favorite Way to Exercise: Walking his two French bulldogs

Favorite Keto Recipe: Said Blundell, “A perfectly cooked rib eye steak (medium rare) seared in bacon fat with parmesan-crusted asparagus and spinach salad is my go-to.”

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