Paul Richwalsky's Story

Before finding keto, Paul Richwalsky ate the standard American diet, full of carbs and sugar. He was an avid traveler and his life revolved around food.

“I have visited 46 different countries and if you count multiple trips to same countries it would surpass 100 visits. I loved new cultures, experiences, history, and of course food,” he said. “Traveling to new countries allowed for amazing food experiences and I would overindulge. Discounts through my job made traveling very affordable and day trips to Tokyo, Japan to eat at my favorite sushi place, to Belgium for my favorite burger place, or to Germany for the best Turkish restaurant outside Istanbul, [were] commonplace.”

Richwalsky’s adventurous life was actually quite sedentary: long plane rides and little exercise. It led to his feeling his worst and reaching 248 pounds (112 kg).

“I would be out of breath easily. I would need to sit on the ground and pull my foot near my chest to tie my shoes. It was miserable doing the simplest of daily tasks or activities,” he said. “I always sounded like I was trying to catch my breath. I knew something had to give.”

For a while he tried working out, but he became discouraged when his weight didn’t change. And exercise allowed him to make excuses for eating poorly. Then he heard about keto from a friend.

“It truly is a miracle what following Dr. Berg can do for you,” he said. “It changed my life.”

The hardest part for Richwalsky was cutting out carbs and sugar in the beginning, but once he changed his mindset, stopped worrying about the weight and focused on regaining his health, everything changed. It was Dr. Berg’s advice that led to this pivotal switch in his thought process.

Said Richwalsky, “The best part, besides being the healthiest I've ever been in my life and in the best shape of my life, is being able to inspire others with my results. They see my transformation and results and they want the same.”

He added, “I've helped several friends lose 13 to 30 pounds in [the] first month and 30 to 60 pounds in two months based on how strict they are. Helping others become healthy is truly the best part. Be it friends, family, or strangers, being able to add years onto their [lives] is amazing.”

Richwalsky started sharing the details of his keto journey by making videos on his Instagram and YouTube channels. He makes sure that he includes everything he wishes he had known before starting.

In 14 months, he lost 70 pounds (32 kg), the first 60 of which were lost without any exercise. He began lifting weights twice a week once he hit a plateau.

“Looking back, I'm still happy with the no-exercise [decision],” he said. “I think it sets me apart and adds a unique aspect: that dramatic results are achievable without exercise, they may just take a little longer.

“If I can do it, anyone can,” said Richwalsky. “I feel like a new man. I used to live to eat; now I eat to live.” To keep up with his keto journey, follow him on Instagram and YouTube @paulgoesketo.

Favorite Way to Exercise: “I don't really have a favorite exercise, unless you say cooking is an exercise,” said Richwalsky. “I like that. Cooking is my exercise and it had amazing results.”

Favorite Keto Recipe: Dr. Berg’s Cauliflower Pizza

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