Manita Bhusal's Story

Since childhood Manita Bhusal has struggled with weight issues. She was a yo-yo dieter and tried every trendy way to lose weight but nothing ever worked for her.

In 2012 Bhusal began working out, thanks to her husband who was very interested in fitness and nutrition. During the next few years she ate five meals a day and worked out five days a week. She lost 50 pounds in the process, but she was always hungry.

In 2015 she began a pregnancy that left her, postpartum, wearing almost all her lost weight again. Even after returning to her five-meals-a-day regimen and workouts, nothing seemed to help. “I got depressed, obsessed, and desperate. I wanted my old body back by hook or crook,” said Bhusal.

“Then I found out about [a] water fast. I did that for around 2 weeks.” During this period of desperation, one desperate measure led to another: Bhusal heard about something called the “starvation diet” and it got her interested. She put herself into starvation mode for six months. She ate only one meal a month and only drank black coffee and water.

“I shed weight crazily and without any exercising. I was 119 pounds (54 kg) but weight wasn’t the only thing I lost,” she said. “I lost youthfulness. My skin was very spotty, the texture was rough, aged, and without any glow. My period was very irregular. I wouldn’t go to toilet for a week.” Whenever Bhusal did eat something, her bowels wouldn’t work. “Almost as if it had forgotten to eject,” she said. “Everyone around me, especially my mum and grandma, got worried.”

When she returned to a more normal diet, she gained all her weight back, yet again, at ten times the rate and ended up weighing 185 pounds (84 kg) at 5’2”.

Then she finally found Dr. Berg’s videos.

“Obviously, I didn’t want to take any drastic measures anymore ‘cause I was suffering a lot already from my previous ventures,” Bhusal said. “Because of Dr. Berg’s videos, it gave me enough knowledge to kick start [the] ketogenic diet.”

The transition phase was the hardest part of keto for Bhusal but she’s had successful results in terms of fat adaptation and mental clarity.

“I feel amazing. I feel I am healing every day,” she said. “My brain is always active and clear-headed. Skin is getting better and my period is better. I recovered from anemia. No hormonal mood swings. I’m naturally happy and confident about myself.”

Although family members remain unsupportive of Bhusal’s choice to live a keto lifestyle, her husband is an “amazing support system” and watching Dr. Berg’s videos have helped her stay motivated.

“Dr. Berg was very easy to listen to and it was very easy to follow through,” she said. “He had the ability to retain the viewer and the education that he provides is very easy to follow.”

Since starting keto, Bhusal has lost 30 pounds (13 kg) and is still on her journey toward more weight loss.

“I am on a mission to raise awareness, like many others who [are] liberated now with the knowledge on food and want to help others to acknowledge their problems and heal,” said Bhusal. “We all know if we have health then we have all the time in the world to make everything better.”

Favorite Way to Exercise: Weight training and HIIT

Favorite Keto Recipe: Keto cookies

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