Kenny Hong's Story

Like many others, Kenny Hong had tried various diets over the years — all of which failed. He was tired of being out of shape and he wasn’t happy with the way he looked. In social media and TV coverage, he came across keto and decided to give it a try.

Said Hong, “I was fascinated about the successful transformation stories and the science behind how our body can go into ketosis and use our body fat as fuel to get in shape. I gave it a try and it was amazing from the start. I started to see the weight drop on the scale immediately and that motivated me to keep going.”

He did some research about keto on YouTube; he found Dr. Berg’s videos right away. From the videos, he learned the science behind keto, intermittent fasting, and overall nutrition.

“It was very helpful to educate myself through his videos and the more I learned about it, it kept me consistent,” said Hong. “I had lot of different questions regarding this diet and he answered all of it.”

Throughout the process, Hong’s family and friends were supportive and encouraging. They took note of his impressive progress and it even inspired them to make healthier choices of their own.

For Hong, the hardest part of keto was overcoming the mental challenges.

“Being consistent and motivating myself every day was the key to losing weight,” he said. “There were times that I wanted to give up but the mental strength that I had kept me going.”

In the first three months of keto, Hong lost 30 pounds (14 kg) and the results kept coming. The best part for him was wearing clothes that fit and feeling much more confident in public.

“I did make a lot of mistakes in the beginning, so I'd have had better strategies in terms of intermittent fasting [if I could do it again],” he said. “[I’d] also have more options on the foods that I can eat.”

Overall, Hong has lost 40 pounds (18 kg) since starting keto. He said it’s the best and most effective diet he’s done and encourages others to give it a try.

“I feel amazing now! I'm in the best shape of my life. People that haven't seen me in a while are very surprised and always ask me how I did it,” he said. “That keeps me motivated to keep going on this journey.”

Favorite Way to Exercise: Weight training and occasionally jogging or walking

Favorite Keto Recipe: Keto cookies



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