Jennifer Eells's Story

Standing 5 feet tall, Jennifer Meek Eells weighed around 130 pounds (59 kg) throughout her twenties. As she began to focus more on her career, her weight seemed to “creep up.”

“I had a complete hysterectomy in 2009 and after that it seemed like I was destined to weigh well over 200 pounds,” she said. “My gynecologist has been on me the last couple of years to lose weight, but counting points and portion control didn't work for me.”

In November 2018 when Eells saw her primary care doctor, she weighed in at 270 pounds (122 kg). She was pre-diabetic and turning 51 in January 2019. She knew that she needed a better way to get on track with losing weight and taking care of her health.

“Since earlier in the fall I had been researching the keto diet and now it was time to put my research to work,” said Eells. “I made a commitment to myself to begin a keto lifestyle change on December 28th, 2018. I haven't looked back since!”

In her research, she came across Dr. Berg’s YouTube videos; she loved the way he explains the science behind keto. That led to finding his website. She also downloaded his app.  

“Everything he shares is understandable and he is so relatable,” she said. “I also really appreciate how he gives short videos on nutrition, how you get that nutrition from what foods, and what supplements you should take. I have accomplished my weight loss so far on just the food I'm eating and intermittent fasting, based on Dr. Berg's suggestions from his videos.”

Eells also uses the Carb Manager app which she would recommend to others just starting out with keto.

In the beginning, it was hard for Eells to give up bread and pasta; she claims she was a “true carbo-holic.” For the first month she struggled with cravings.

“Once I got through that first full month, everything Dr. Berg said about cravings going away was so true. I really didn't miss bread anymore,” said Eells. “I have also been able to go out with friends and eat with no problem. I just have salads or salmon or a steak or bun-less burger.  And I've been to two conferences for work and sipped water while my colleagues had drinks. No problem!”

Now, she feels focused in her thinking and cognition and full between meals. She enjoys better sleep, better moods, and has energy levels that are “off the charts.” After cutting carbs and processed foods, she also saw big changes in her skin and teeth. Those encouraged her to keep going, since the benefits were more than just weight loss.

“I feel great, both emotionally and physically, and my face looks so much younger,” said Eells. “I wish I would have discovered keto about 10 years ago!”

In only four and a half months, Eells has lost 60 pounds (27 kg) and it was her mission to weigh less than 200 pounds (91 kg) by July 1, 2019. She achieved this goal and weighed 198 pounds (90 kg) by June. Then, as of September 15th, Eells weighed in at 168 pounds (76 kg) for a total weight loss of 102 pounds (46 kg) in eight and a half months.

“Stay focused and make a big deal about the small wins,” she advises. “Be happy when you lose three pounds in a week but also look at all the other benefits that come with this lifestyle. I am now addicted to Dr. Berg's videos rather than carbs and processed food. His information honestly keeps me motivated. Anyone who asks me about keto... I'm referring them to Dr. Berg!”

Favorite Way to Exercise: “I have been swimming laps about one day a week at my local community center and I am walking several times a week,” said Eells.

Favorite Keto Recipe: “I made a baked cheese cake for Easter that was delicious!” she said. “My favorite meal is pretty basic... I love scrambled eggs with avocado - so delicious! Grilled salmon with a salad is another of my favorite meals.”

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