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Elem Da Silva's Story

Elem Da Silva was overworked and suffering from a variety of health problems because of it. At age 35, she put in 15 to 18 work hours a day, surviving on take-outs and ready meals with no time to cook.

Furthermore, some bullying at work sent her into a depressed state. And she previously had been diagnosed with health issues such as hypothyroidism, PCOS, tinnitus, and an autoimmune disease affecting hair growth and scarring.

Da Silva had been postponing her wedding for two years because she was unhappy with the way she looked in a wedding dress. She had tried many diets but nothing ever worked for her.

“Although I did lose weight with them, I never managed to maintain it, so the weight would come back and in double [the] amount I had lost.”

In April 2018, her doctor told her she had chronic stress and suggested taking some time off from work. “My GP asked me to think about a change of lifestyle as my health was getting worse and my life was at risk if I didn’t make a change,” said Da Silva. She took two weeks off but decided upon her return to quit the job entirely.

All of these factors led her to start researching the keto diet in November 2018.

I came across Dr. Berg’s videos on YouTube and I spent a few weeks watching his videos and learning about a healthy lifestyle before officially starting the keto diet in January 2019,” she said. “I think I did the right thing by learning everything about the keto lifestyle before starting the program. One thing about Dr. Berg is that he explains everything very clear and helps you to understand the impact all the different types of food have on you and this really helps you to stay on track!”

Dr. Berg became a driving force in Da Silva’s weight loss journey. From him she learned to eat only when hungry and to remind herself that five seconds of pleasure from your taste buds is not worth having an unhealthy body.

Da Silva’s fiancé (and now husband) was her biggest supporter during the process; he also began to eat healthier as a result. She said that the first four days were the hardest to get through but the desire to love herself again encouraged her not to give up.

With keto, she has lost 70 pounds (32 kg). She feels full of energy, young, confident, and healthy.

“I am enjoying taking pictures of myself again! I get plenty of compliments: people often say I look 10 years younger,” she said. “I changed the way I think of food and I am no longer an emotional eater.

“I couldn’t thank Dr. Berg enough. He has been a key part in my lifestyle change and I am so grateful that there is someone like him, so kind, sharing his knowledge to help people.”

Favorite Way to Exercise: Lifting weights

Favorite Keto Recipe: Zucchini Bolognese

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