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Dejan Rakovic's Story

Through a bit of research, Dejan Rakovic found that Dr. Berg was a leader in the keto community. “I read Dr. Berg’s book and I’m confident that I know [it] by heart,” he said.

Soon after Rakovic became interested, his wife Gordana joined him and all of her post-pregnancy health problems went away. They both wanted to lose weight and look better but after only a few months, they realized that keto is so much more than that.

“We were learning in motion and the more we learned, the more we were convinced that this is for life,” he said.

The hardest part of Rakovic’s weight-loss journey was all the bad information that’s out there and how much the world market is dedicated to sugar products. “It would be much better if there were keto, zero-carb Snickers, Mars, and Twix in stores, right?” he said.

When it comes to staying motivated, he claimed that he’s an all-or-nothing person. “It sounds epic but it’s actually not because when I ate junk food I had no limits, no stop sign,” he said. “I just found a way to do the same for keto and after a full year of strict keto I have no intention to stop.”

Since starting keto, both Rakovic and his wife have seen weight-loss results: he lost 90 pounds (40 kg) and Gordana lost 65 pounds (30 kg). “Our bodies found [their] perfect BMI, compensating fat for muscle,” he said. “For every pound of fat, it exchanges for muscle. We measure body fat with [a] caliper and readings are very accurate.”

To anyone reading his success story, Rakovic advised: “Try not to find a problem for every solution in life. Look at what keto brings you and what will you gain, not what will you lose. Find a way, not an excuse. Food is meant to be a source of nutrients so your body can work properly and maintain its basic body functions. —No other way it should be looked at.

I would advise anyone wanting to start keto, or people who are in keto for quite some time, to learn about their body, organs and hormones. And then after educating yourself I would advise you to drop carb-counter apps and counting calories, instead use apps to inform you about certain foods. All information anyone needs can be obtained by Dr. Berg’s videos. My Instagram is @dexa_michigan and if anyone has a question they can contact me — always happy to share.”

Favorite Way to Exercise: Fasted training three times per week

Favorite Keto Recipe: Keto bread with flaxseed flour – “I’ve seen it somewhere in Dr. Berg’s group on Facebook and I adjusted the recipe so that it’s perfect now for our taste,” said Rakovic. “We use rubber muffin cups for baking. This recipe is for 3 muffin cups and we don’t make more than that in one go because it leaves them watery otherwise.”

 3 Tbsp flaxseed flour

2 eggs

2 Tbsp oil (coconut or olive)

1 level Tbsp baking soda

Mix all the ingredients together, pour into muffin cups, and put in the microwave for 2 minutes (800 watts). 

“We have a version with coconut flour when we make desserts,” he added.

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