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Bryan Ladd's Story

When Bryan Ladd stepped on the scale, it wouldn’t even register his weight because he was over 300 pounds (136 kg). He was disgusted with the way he looked.

“My weight was out of control,” he said.

For a year, he exercised and ate a slightly cleaner diet, but he only dropped to 290 pounds (132 kg) in the process. When it became clear to Ladd that this wasn’t enough for him, he started keto and intermittent fasting in May 2018.

He found Dr. Berg in a recommended video on YouTube, where he learned about the body’s ketosis state and how it affects weight loss. He ate one meal a day for a year with zero sugar except for a few bites of pie on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“By sticking with the keto eating lifestyle and occasional exercise, I got down to my goal weight of 168 pounds (76 kg) within one year,” Ladd said. “I feel great, like a completely new person.”

The support of his family and his rapid weight loss just after starting keto helped him to stay motivated. Seeing the results and finding a diet that fit his lifestyle also made keto especially doable.

If he were to do things all over again, he said he’d eat less instead of intentionally adding fats to meals.

“[The best part of what I’ve done is] looking good in the mirror,” said Ladd. As for the hardest parts, here’s one: “I can’t use my neck fat to hold a pillow while putting on a case [anymore],” he said. And another: “Buying new clothes every month.”

As part of a bodybuilding program, he has reintroduced complex carbohydrates to his diet and has since maintained his weight at 172 pounds (72 kg).

“As an accountability practice I'm now managing a Facebook group to pass on my experiences and help other people be healthier,” said Ladd. His advice to others: “I would tell [people interested in keto] that keto/IF is a good weight-loss strategy and consistency is important. They are worth it, and it can be done with time.”

Favorite Way to Exercise: Weight training and bodybuilding

Favorite Keto Recipe: “I'm a simple guy,” Ladd said. “When I eat, I have seasoned meat, steamed vegetables, and eggs.”

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