In reference to the new Cortisol Support Formula, do I use with, or instead of, the Adrenal Day & Night Formulas?

All 3 adrenal products work differently. So you can take all 3 together to support the adrenal and it's hormones, just in a different way. 1. The Cortisol Support supplies the glandular support, the vitamin C complex, the B5 nutrition, the liver buffering part and then the licorice for anti-cortisol effects. Not the mention the trace minerals to tie everything together. It's used to help support adrenal fatigue, burn out, history of sustained stress and belly fat. 2. The adrenal night formula is mainly to relax the adrenal to the point of turning it off so you can sleep through the night, which indirectly supports the adrenal. 3. The adrenal day formula provides whole food natural B vitamins, trace minerals and herbal adaptogens necessary to extract stress. It was designed to make you stress free during the day - specifically to get rid of excessive thinking while you''re trying to sleep and relief nervous tension. ***Updated Information: Dr. Berg has a new improved Adrenal Day which includes the Cortisol formula as well called, Adrenal & Cortisol Relief!***