I have hashimotos hypothyroidism, and want to know how iodine (sea kelp) and cruciferous vegges can effect me?

Hashimotes is a type of thyroid condition, where hormones are low, not high, so Iodine is good to take, especially from sea kelp. But if a person has Graves (hyperthyroid) issues, then they need to avoid iodine (and sea kelp). Now cruciferous can deplete iodine (but in a very minor way). However, you would have to consume a tremendous amount of it to have this happen. And because it has any iodine depletion effects, I have added Sea Kelp to my Organic Cruciferous Food product. The big benefits of cruciferous for thyroid health has to do with estrogen. Cruciferous tends to balance excess estrogen in the body and clean it up if its in the wrong places. And one of the causes of a slow thyroid is excess estrogen. This is why you see a woman developing a thyroid condition after pregnancy, due to the spike of estrogen.