I have been using the Adrenal Body kit for about 9 months and my sleep has improved, my moods are definitely better, I've lost almost 40 pounds, and my brain fog is mostly gone. I am a total sugar addict but no longer have uncontrollable cravings. About 14 weeks ago I added Vit D3 and K2 hoping that would help my sleep apnea. I use one of each every morning with breakfast (3 eggs with kale shake.) I haven't found any difference in my sleep apnea and I've not lost any weight since I started using the D3 and K2. That's all I've changed. Is there a connection between the D3/K2 and not losing weight? Might I need to increase my D3/K2 to help my sleep apnea? Thank you.

This means you are lacking bile, thats all. Take the Gallbladder Formula with it and then email us back after 2 weeks. Its a digestive problem. The other thing to do is use the massage tool on your neck for the sinus points.