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The before picture is when I weighed 220 lbs and just started learning the "Keto" diet. The bottom one is current, 199lbs.

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The before picture is when I weighed 220 lbs and just started learning the
I wanted to take a Health coaching course because my wife just completed one (IIN), and I was on the Keto diet, eating very clean, and watching my wife's journey with her health coaching, so I decided to research "Ketogenic Health Coaches". That's when I discovered Dr. Berg. All of the other coaching programs were great, but Dr. Berg explains things in a way that the average person can understand how things work, I was HOOKED! :) I felt like there were several people that I could help: My family, my friends and the customers that come into my business. Not only would I be helping others but I could team up with my wife in her health coaching business (Angie's Lifestyle and Wellness), and she and I could help each other when we were faced with different things we did not know. It has been so great helping, learning and sharing this vital information. So far I have been able too help a couple friends of mine who are very confused about why they cannot lose weight. I have talked too them, and found out what their symptoms are, if there are any history of personal problems (I always ask within my boundaries), and asked them about their diet. As a result I was able too share with them the changes that I felt they could make too improve their situation. Matt was the first one and he noticed after a week how much better he felt and the weight was coming off faster than any other "diet" (I like too call it a lifestyle) that he has tried. He was not hungry and had stopped drinking pop and high carb foods. Mike, my other friend, has just started changing his diet and working to lower stress. I taught him how to order in the local restaurants according too the keto lifestyle, I have also ordered him some of Dr. Bergs supplements too help with his Adrenals, Wheat Grass Juice powder and Electrolyte powder. After 2 days, just changing his diet, he could notice the difference, he looked better and was excited that he felt better. He was in a much better mood also than I had seen him previously. I am really thankful for the knowledge that I have acquired, and will definitely stay with the ketogenic lifestyle and live by example. I'm currently at 202lbs, from 212lbs, I exercise 5 days per week and just want too help people understand that THEY have control over their choices and can learn how to live better.

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