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I lost 35 Pounds!

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I lost 35 Pounds!
Dear Dr. Berg,

Words cannot begin to describe my gratitude to you for having taught me so much about a healthy eating plan which I'll continue to use for the rest of my life.

I've been a fairly healthy eater for a long time but not until I found you last year, and you taught me which foods to consume and the reasons why I should consume them, did I finally begin to lose weight. I'm so thankful to you for giving your viewers on youtube and your clinic clients so much content to work with. I don't think there's a single health issue that you haven't yet addressed. Your passion for your work really comes through.

I've lost 35 pounds since I went to visit you last May and continue to lose. It took awhile for the healthy eating to finally start to show results but now I'm up and running.

A couple of bonus items I wasn't even expecting. My buffalo hump is significantly smaller, the acne on my upper arms is gone, and the veins on the back my legs have disappeared. Yay!!!

Very appreciative,