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I lost 23 pounds!

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I lost 23 pounds!
I have struggled with being overweight throughout my life. There have been times when I was successful in
getting the weight off, but it never lasted for more than a year. I have done many different diets; South
Beach, Medi-Fast, Slim Fast, HCG diet, a diet through another doctor that included powder shakes and
exercise with a fitness trainer (only lost 5 lbs in 3 months). Through all these diets, I never really learned
how to do a “life style change” and how to keep it.
Before starting to work here at the Health and Wellness Center, I was miserable: pain in my low back and
certain joints, very bad PMS symptoms, horrible sleep, skin dry, hair frizzy, nails brittle. In addition, because
of extreme stresses last year, I put on 20 pounds in 8 months!
I started working for Dr. Berg in December 2011, and I learned that I was Adrenal Body Type and what that meant! It made so much sense! No wonder I couldn’t
lose weight while working out! So I started the plan to get my body healthy the very next day. Within 16 weeks I have lost 23 pounds!
There have been a few weeks here and there when I have been stuck at the same weight (plateau), but I stuck to the eating plan and finally a pound would
come off. I have 27 more pounds to go, to be where I want to be. I have learned how to eat healthy, how important sleep actually is, how to do interval exercises
for my adrenal and hormone health, and how to maintain this weight. I am very happy to continue on this journey, and even happier to share it with my clients.