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"Hello- My name is Janet Martin Masolo. I started going to Pilates 3-4 days a week. I started my journey with Keto diet on May 2018. The reason I started the diet was because my 50 yr old husband found out he’s diabetic and has a fatty liver. My husband does research apt and found out about your you tube channel and how to change a fatty liver. Instead of putting him on a special diet I volunteered to go on it with him. At first the weight slowly dropped off and when my husband was losing more weight than I was I switched to Keto IF and took an extra class to speed up the weight loss. From May 2018 to sept 2018 I lost 40, husband lost 40 and my daughter lost 35. We were able to do this in a healthy way by listening to your you tube channel, Instagram and Facebook! I don’t drink so that was easy for me to give up! Sugar was the hardest. I think sugar should be considered the gateway drug as that is about the worst thing for your body!! I’m glad I’m free of that garbage. I only buy organic, grass fed meats, butter and cheeses. We eat lots of kale and produce. We no longer dine out as most places don’t cater to our healthy clean lifestyle. I’m a pretty good cook so it’s fine. I know what I’m putting in my mouth at all times. I’m grateful to you Dr Berg for sharing your helpful and healthy information to the public. I want you to know you aren’t wasting your time or breath! I tell EVERYONE I KNOW AND DON’T know about you and the Keto IF lifestyle not diet... I feel so successful doing this and has changed my life and outlook on food and what input into my body. I feed my family with more health and thought. Thank you thank you thank you for your wealth of knowledge and research and for sharing this with the world! My family thanks you and loves you! Janet Masolo Turquoiselover74- Instagram