Results may vary depending on your commitment, follow through, and metabolism.


What conditions do we treat?

Even know we specialize in weight loss, belly fat and body types, we also help many people for chronic pain, fatigue and inability to sleep restfully. Our eating plans, nutrition and techniques have been taught to over 2500 doctors over 25 years. Our approach is holistic and natural.

What is do-it-yourself acupressure?

Acupressure therapy is a non-needle hands-on technique which rids body stress, improves sleep, stress, pain and allows the body to function correctly – there are various points on the body, which accumulate stress and the goal is to tap into body stress, remove it allowing your body to be stress-free.

What is unique about our Dr. Berg’s program?

We design eating plans based on how hormones affect your foods? There are 6 fat burning hormones and 3 fat making hormones, each having the ability to be triggered by various foods and exercise. This technology goes way beyond the traditional calories in equal calories out. Our exercise program is tailor-made for your fitness level to ensure optimal results are achieved. And our acupressure techniques are targeted to improve stress tolerance, pain, sleeping and energy levels.

How can I make an online consultation?

We recommend first requesting a min-consult with one of our health coaches. In this evaluation, we will get a brief history help isolate your primary body type and possibly schedule a more indepth evaluation with a practitioner if needed. Our programs range from a correct eating plan, exercise or nutritional plan to Dr. Berg’s do-it-yourself acupressure treatments.

What if I live far from Dr. Berg’s Clinic?

Not a problem because our virtual consultations can be done online.

Can I see Dr. Berg personally?

Dr. Berg usually sees and evaluates most clients coming into our clinic. He then supervises to make sure the program is standard and followed correctly. He will instruct one of his Master Trained practitioners to help him coach, treat and test within the visits. He works full time to ensure his clients are happy with their care and winning.

Can I see Dr. Berg personally?

Dr. Berg is supervising all of our programs, however, a video recommendation can be made from Dr. Berg after a long evaluation of your data – see think for more info:

What’s the next step?

Call us at 703-354-7336 and let us know you would like a free mini-consult with one of our health coaches or take one of our online quizzes.