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What to Do When Nothing Works for Weight Loss!

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There are several things I look at with really tough cases. First, I find out when the patient was last at his/her ideal weight and isolate what occurred just prior to that. Events that could influence weight can be some low-calorie diet, an injury, pregnancy, infection, or some stress. I also want to know if the patient is consuming enough leafy greens and whether these are raw or cooked. Inevitably, they are either overcooked or of poor quality. I then see if their diet contains any hidden sugars. Many people have no idea that vanilla yogurt contains tons of sugar, as do most juices. I check for refined carbohydrates, such as breads and pasta. I make sure that the patient is not drinking ANY wine, as alcohol irritates the liver, and this prevents fat burning. One drink before bed will block weight loss for one to four days.

I also evaluate the patient’s exercise routine. I find that many people engage in sustained exercise, which actually works against the natural rhythms of the body. I switch the patient to interval training at one minute of intense exercise and 5 minutes of rest, and I’m talking about lying down or sitting, not walking. This type of program helps reactivate the recovery cycle of exercise, which is when fat is actually burned.

I make sure that the patient’s energy is going up, and when it’s not, I’ll add more protein if they are on the Liver Enhancement program.

If the patient has some old stress injuries, I will apply the Acupressure Stress Elimination Technique to get the body into a deep, restful sleep and relaxation.

So, when weight loss doesn’t come easy, find the root of the problem and get healthy, lose weight, and feel great!

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