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What Are Your Hidden Sources of Weight Gain

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From a hormonal point of view, insulin is the most important hormone to keep on the low side— for two reasons:
1. In the presence of insulin, the body cannot burn fat.
2. In the presence of insulin, the body goes into fat mode.

This is a double-edged sword: Insulin forces the body to burn only sugar fuel and changes this sugar into fat and cholesterol.

So check this out. If you consume the juice from an apple, you’ll get a spike of insulin. But if you eat the entire apple, a very minor insulin response will occur. The same goes for carrots.

I don’t recommend juice or juice cleanses if you want to lose weight. There is only one situation in which I would recommend drinking juice, and that is during an infection. Because vitamin C is destroyed so quickly when you juice, you would need to drink the juice within a minute of juicing.

The drink I would recommend has one of the highest levels of vitamin C, and that’s the potato (red). Juice a red potato with a slight amount of apple just to sweeten it. You could add some greens if you want. Potato juice without the starch is also pretty high in protein, believe it or not.

Commercial orange juice has zero vitamin C unless it’s freshly juiced and consumed within no more than 10 minutes. The claims on the container for vitamin C are for added synthetic (artificial) vitamin C, which is a far cry from the real thing.

Another problem with insulin is caused by overeating. Overeating of any foods will create a spike of insulin with one exception— green vegetables. You can’t overeat nonstarchy vegetables, and I promise that you will not gain weight from these. The cruciferous vegetables are best for salads (kale, radish, cabbage, etc.). I like bok choy as the main source of leafy greens for salad.

Two other hidden sources of weight gain are skipping meals and low-calorie diets. This is due to another hormone called 'cortisol'. Cortisol won’t make you fat directly, only indirectly. Cortisol releases stored sugar from your body and this is what triggers insulin and makes you fat. Insulin tends to direct the fat around the organs in your abdomen.


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