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Understanding Hyper and Hypo Thyroid

By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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Understanding Hyper and Hypo Thyroid Simplified

Hyper means too much excess.

Hypo means a deficiency or not enough of it.

You have a gland that communicates a hormone. Hormones are communications.

The gland makes the hormone which produces and receives the hormone - it is an on and off feedback loop which is called negative and positive feedback.

If it is not heard that gland will start working hyper mode and start producing more communication.

In some cases, what causes hyper is the failing of the returned communication to turn off because the off switch is broken.

Your glands are very sensitive to your environment and stress. Whatever you experience in your environment such as stress, it can cause a hyper mode especially in the adrenal gland.

If you are always stressed out the adrenal is going to start pumping out a ton of adrenaline and cortisol, you will start gaining weight, you can’t sleep and start looking older.

I had a patient that went on a very long trip overseas to a country that is very laid back.

All of her adrenal symptoms cleared up, all of her endocrine symptoms from her hypo state completely went away, started losing weight and was eating more calories.

She was eating more fat and sweets. When she came back she ate less and better; then she starts falling apart again with gaining weight and so forth.

So, I know stress can majorly affect your glands health.


What Causes Hypo

Hypo is accumulated health where it is burned out from constant stress and getting old.

Your foods can influence hypo as well especially with the gland called the pancreas. When you eat sugar your pancreas response by pumping out insulin to lower the sugar in your blood.

If you are eating too much sugar it will jack up the hyper and then turn into hypo when it is burned out and cause diabetes.

Endocrine disruptors which is the chemicals in food such as hormones in animal products and pesticides in the foods, all greatly influence the gland because it acts like estrogen.

Endocrine disruptors are anything that mimics estrogen.

If you have a nodule in their thyroid or cyst on the ovaries comes from endocrine disruptors which means one should really clean that up with organic foods like cruciferous vegetables and sea kelp.

The breast and ovaries respond very well to sea kelp.


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