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The Tiny Mistake People Make That Leads to a Huge Belly

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What if the diet program you’re doing is the wrong one for your body?

When I first got married, I surprised my wife by making her an incredibly delicious desert. It was my first attempt at cooking for her, and I was so eager to see the final product that I really didn’t take the time to read all the steps in the recipe. One small error later turned out to be a huge disaster. I accidently substituted baking soda where the recipe said to use flour. Now, those of you who are experienced cooks can imagine the result.

As she took her first bite, I was all set be labeled as a ‘great cook’ but to my surprise, I was blocked out of the kitchen.

It’s amazing how one tiny mistake can lead to such a disaster.

I’ve recently uncovered a very interesting new concept of weight loss that relates to a common, yet tiny, mistake people make when trying to lose belly fat. I have discovered that people, who are overweight, can be categorized into one of four different body types, each requiring four different plans. Each of these types relate to where people carry their weight. Some people have sagging bellies, some have protruding ones, yet others carry weight in the hip area or are just overweight all over. The fundamental mistake people make is doing the wrong program for their body type. This is a small error that puts a dieter on the wrong road towards achieving their weight loss goal.

Some people are successful with high protein diets and others do better with higher amounts of carbohydrates, but if a person is storing fat in the belly, it is because of a hormone imbalance, not a lack of doing sit-ups. The person with a lot of belly fat often craves salty foods and generally needs to polish off a meal with something sweet. Interestingly, this body type may also be prone to the occasional twitch under the left eye and tight calf muscles.

By diagnosing your body type, and finding the gland involved in telling fat where to accumulate, you can get a customized program that matches the problem to the solution.

So, uncover your body type, get healthy, lose weight, and feel great!

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