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The Build More Muscle, Burn More Fat Myth

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I’ve discovered that many people have this idea that if they build more muscle mass, they will burn more calories and, thus, lose more weight. It is true that you may burn more calories, but the type of calories you burn with this logic are not what you think.

Check this out…

Calorie n. a unit of energy produced by food. [Latin word calor meaning heat]. Calorie refers to the quantity of energy in a food or stored body fuel.

Don’t assume that the calories you burn are fat calories. Depending on which hormone is activated, the body will determine which fuel source is burned as calories. The body is designed to use stored sugar calories before any fat stores are tapped.

People with more muscle mass generally also have a good amount of body fat.

Instead of using the “bulk up with muscle mass to burn more calories” method, try this instead:

Keep the insulin to a minimum. Because in the presence of any insulin, all 6 fat burning hormones are cancelled, nullified, and blocked!

How do you do this?

Avoid sugar, and the hidden not-so-obvious things that turn into sugar quickly (like wine, vanilla yogurt, whole wheat bread and juice.). Other items to avoid are be breads, pasta, cereals, crackers, briskets, waffles, pancakes, soda and Mad Dog 22. Other than these items, you can eat what you want!

What will this do?

It will cause a significant shift to fat burning because you just eliminated the main counter to losing weight – the go-to fuel source – sugar.

Try this and make weight loss easier,

So, kick the sugar habit, get healthy, lose weight, and feel great!

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