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The 6 Early WARNING Signs of Pancreatic Cancer (WHICH HAS THE WORST SURVIVAL RATE)

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 03/05/2022

Pancreatic cancer is aggressive, and early detection is vital. So, it’s important to understand the early warning signs of pancreatic cancer and how to avoid pancreatic cancer.

0:00 Introduction: Warning signs of pancreatic cancer 

0:27 Signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer 

3:10 What does the pancreas do? 

12:49 How to avoid pancreatic cancer 

14:12 Check out my video on the relationship between inflammation and cancer!

Today I want to cover some information about pancreatic cancer and how to avoid pancreatic cancer. 

Keep in mind while these are signs of pancreatic cancer, they could also be signs of another problem with the pancreas that’s not cancer. 

Early warning signs of pancreatic cancer:

1. Weight loss, loss of appetite, and fatigue (with no changes to the diet) 

2. Upper abdominal pain that radiates to the back and increased pain when eating

3. Digestion issues

4. Bloating 

5. Nausea 

6. Loose stool 

Two big causes of pancreatic cancer are alcohol consumption and diabetes. 

Eating frequently and consuming carbs can cause insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes. People with diabetes have a lot of dysfunction in the pancreas that can ultimately lead to pancreatic cancer. 

People with diabetes actually have a higher risk of getting pancreatic cancer than other types of conditions. The great majority of the population has insulin resistance, which means they are headed in this direction. 

The most important things to do to avoid pancreatic cancer:

• Healthy Keto

• Intermittent fasting 

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