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The 4 Body Shapes

By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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The information that follows is Medical Advice for Education Purposes Only

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The shape of your body matters – not just because it affects the way your clothes fit, but because your body shape is an indicator of potential health problems. A quick look around will tell you that most people fall into one of four different body shapes. Each type tends to have a dominant gland that affects hormonal function, weight gain and the location of extra weight. One person might hold weight in the stomach, yet another will hold it in the lower body as saddle bags. Yet another will hold it all over or as a pot belly. Based on where the person holds the weight, one can predict the deeper problem because glands and hormones have the capacity to distort your body shape.

The adrenal body type

The adrenal body type will cause excess fat to accumulate as a sagging belly. The adrenals secrete stress hormones and this type will promote a stress state that makes it difficult for you to relax or sleep restfully. An adrenal body type is likely to be edgy and eventually develop memory problems. Adrenal body types are also people who crave salt and retain fluid when they eat salt to excess. Sinus problems are common in the adrenal type and these individuals may even have knee pain because the adrenal hormones affect the muscles connecting to the knee.

The thyroid body type

The thyroid body shape is usually secondary to high levels of estrogen in the body Estrogen spikes from a pregnancy can block the thyroid. People who have a thyroid body type usually gain weight all over. People with a thyroid body shape are likely to be tired all the time and have cold feet. They often crave sweets and suffer from hair loss. Other signs of a thyroid body shape include vertical ridges on the nails and dry skin.

The ovary body type

The ovary body shape also has problems related to female hormones. A woman with an ovary body shape holds weight mainly in the thighs and lower belly. This type tends to have menstrual cycle issues from heavy bleeding to irregular periods to ovary cysts and even fibroids. Cyclic headaches and cravings for dairy are common.

The liver body type

Then we have the liver body shape. This type is usually seen in men with a basketball type stomach protruding outward compared the adrenal type which tend toward a sagging abdomen. They have right shoulder pain because the liver is on the right side. They have skin issues such as brown spots and little red dots. They crave fried foods – one of the worst food choices for this type – and are grouchy in the morning because of low blood sugar.

Whatever your body type, there are strategies to help you be healthy. Avoid environmental triggers that affect hormones – non-organic meats and dairy and soy product. Choosing the correct foods for your body type makes a big difference. It helps to manage your diet to avoid blood sugar swings. Exercise, if done for your body type is helpful not only to help you lose weight or maintain weight loss, but also to promote the overall health of your endocrine system.

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