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Targeting Your Weight Loss

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Finally! Spring is just around the corner! Are you thinking about losing a few pounds before you put on that swimsuit? I have created a program called “Targeted Weight Therapy” that just might help you shed the weight before swimsuit season.

In order to reach your goal of being slim for summer, you will need to identify “where” you gain your weight. Based on your unique body structure and lifestyle, this knowledge will help you determine “what” to eat in order to burn more fat and shed pounds.

The Targeted Weight Therapy program is based on my 7 Principles of Fat Burning. Eating your favorite foods and eating in moderation may be the worst advice, for people who want to lose weight, that I’ve ever heard.

Through my research, I have isolated six hormones that either burn off or produce fat within the body. I’ve also identified the diet and exercise “triggers” that activate them.

Each of these triggers, activated by specific foods and exercise, targets one of four body shapes, and causes fat to accumulate on specific areas of the body.

So, target your weight therapy, get healthy, lose weight, and feel great!


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