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Practical Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 07/02/2012

The joy that comes with conception barely compares to anything else. Unfortunately, pregnancy also comes along with its own fair share of troubles, especially medical complications. If there's a time that you need to be very keen about your health, then it is during and right after those nine months. One of the biggest challenges for new mothers is shedding off the extra weight that piled up during the period. However, many of them are usually too eager to get back to shape that they rush things. This guide will walk you through practical post pregnancy weight loss tips that can yield lasting results.

  • Be realistic about your goals.

The reason most weight loss endeavors fail is because people fail to be realistic about their goals. Expecting too much to change in a very short time often leads to disappointment, making people abandon their diets midway. Remember that it is not easy for you to go back to your exact shape before the pregnancy as some permanent changes can occur.

  • Don't get started too soon.

One thing most mothers do not know is that they shouldn't start dieting soon after delivery. Remember that instant things are hardly ever cooked, a fact that doesn't change even with post pregnancy weight loss. Your body will require up to about six weeks to recover from both labor and delivery before you can subscribe to any diet. If you are breastfeeding, you might even have to wait for two months.

  • Work Out!

You must have heard countless times that there is no magic pill that will help you lose weight. The most reliable path to post pregnancy weight loss will be to eat healthy and work out regularly. Since you now have a baby to take care of, you should consider setting up a light fitness center in your indoors or in your backyard.


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