Post Pregnancy

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/30/2023

When you are pregnant, everyone will give you the attention you need, but after giving birth, the attention shifts to the baby. This can make you feel depressed and unworthy. But before you start complaining, here is a piece of real-world advice on what you are supposed to do during your post pregnancy period. For starters, post pregnancy period is usually the best time for you to try to rediscover yourself. It is also a time when you should nurture your foundation in the wake of a new responsibility. How you succeed in this largely depends on what information you get from your doctor and from your peers.

Most women tend to forget who they are after they give birth. They no longer have time for themselves and that makes it hard for them to exercise and restore their original beauty. So as you enter your post pregnancy period, you should have a well-established sense of yourself to help you stay centered. But then, do not make a mistake of assuming that you require a meditation space. Other women tend to think that post pregnancy period means setting aside time to rest for like an hour every day. While this is necessary, it is not always possible. Experts argue that the important thing at this stage is to place yourself above everything else.

You should also eat a lot of fruits during your post pregnancy period. Apple and other types of juices are important since they help in restoring the worn out tissues. Then, maintain a reliable workout routine and ensure that you do not overwork yourself. Drink enough water every day to keep your body properly hydrated. Remember, you also need to lose weight and restore your original body shape. You should therefore maintain a healthy diet while ensuring at the same time that you eat foods that can boost your metabolism.

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