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Orange Juice has ZERO Vitamin C

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When reviewing key hidden blockers to fat burning, orange juice is at the top of the list. People think that good old OJ is loaded with vitamin C.

Did you know that, in reality, there is no REAL vitamin C in orange juice? The only vitamin C in orange juice is the synthetic chemical version they add to the juice. Take a look below at the natural vitamin C complex versus the synthetic counterpart.

Vitamin C is very sensitive to two things: (1) heat and (2) oxygen exposure. When you juice an orange, most of the vitamin C is gone (oxidized) within 10 minutes. If any does survive past the first few minutes, it will soon be killed during the heating or pasteurization process.

Each day you need 90 mg of vitamin C to fulfill your Recommend Dietary Allowance (RDAs). You would need to eat one orange, 9 apples, or two cups of kale to get as much vitamin C to meet this requirement.

If you want to know for sure if you are getting all the RDAs for 31 nutrients, click the link and then enter the code below to take the analysis.

Code: 317-49200

So, get some REAL vitamin C, get healthy, lose weight, and feel great!

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