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Lower Your Cancer Risk Down to ZERO

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 05/10/2022

It’s much easier to prevent cancer than reverse it. Find out the most important things to focus on to help lower your cancer risk.

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0:45 What causes cancer?

4:20 How to lower your cancer risk

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Cancer is caused by damage to your mitochondria. This damage converts a normal cell to a cancer cell. Anything that can create damage in your mitochondria can cause cancer.

A few main things that increase your risk of cancer are smoking, alcohol consumption, a poor diet, and high insulin. Consuming refined carbs and sugar and eating frequent meals can cause high insulin.

On the flip side, a healthy diet and intermittent fasting are essential. Intermittent fasting and prolonged fasting may be the most important things you could do to lower your cancer risk.

The more refined something is, or the more chemically processed something is, the more it will increase your risk for cancer. It’s vital to give special attention to the quality of your foods and avoid refined and processed foods.

You need to focus on consuming real, natural foods—not the synthetic versions of food. It’s essential to get your fiber and antioxidants from actual food and not the synthetic versions added to food or synthetic supplements.

Melatonin is fantastic to help decrease your risk of cancer. To increase your melatonin, you need to expose yourself to infrared light. This is as simple as being out in the sun.

Other things that can help lower your risk of cancer are consuming vegetables and getting plenty of exercise. Consuming just three servings of cruciferous vegetables a week can decrease your risk of getting certain types of cancer.

The top things to avoid:

• Smoking

• Alcohol

• Omega-6 fatty acids

• Vegetable oil, seed oils, and corn oil

• Trans fats

• Sugar

• Refined carbs

• Processed foods

• Synthetic foods (including synthetic fiber and synthetic antioxidants)

• Frequent meals

The top things you need to focus on:

• Consuming real, natural foods

• Lowering your insulin

• Consuming cruciferous vegetables

• Doing intermittent and prolonged fasting

• Exposing yourself to infrared light to help increase your melatonin and vitamin D

• Exercising

• Consuming omega-3 fatty acids

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