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Initially Lose Weight with Exercise Then Plateau

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Many people can lose weight for a few weeks, then stop losing. I’m going to explain exactly what is happening. But, first I need to tell you that exercise does NOT burn fat! Exercise only triggers several hormones that in turn use fat as energy. If you study endocrinology texts, you will notice two terms used over and over again—”exhaustive exercise” and “intensive exercise”. Fat-burning hormones are ONLY triggered, to any significant degree, by INTENSITY. Intensity means “an extreme degree of anything”.

Training, which is repetitive exercise, decreases the effects of these hormones over time—usually within 2 to 6 weeks. So how does one keep the intensity high over an extended period of time? You have to continue to make the exercising difficult. You have to do things to keep the body from adapting to this stress. The optimum change of exercise should occur every 2 to 3 weeks.

Cross-training is a good strategy. For example, you can start out biking, then switch to jogging, then to step aerobics, then to racquetball. Whatever it is, it has to stay intense and difficult.

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