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How to Make Your Own Weight Loss Shake

By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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How to Make Your Own Weight Loss Shake

This recipe is really simple. There are just four ingredients.

***SPECIAL NOTE: I am no longer recommending fruit or berries in the kale shake if you are trying to lose weight. Instead add some Berry Instant Kale Shake or liquid stevia (berry flavor)

We have the kale which is a super food and has 35,000 international units of vitamin A. You will use the stems on the kale, too.

You can use blueberries which is loaded with all sorts of Phytonutrients. I personally prefer them frozen and they don’t have to be organic. I know the organic ones are so expensive.

We will also use bananas which have quite a bit of fiber, so I wouldn’t be concerned about them when it comes to losing weight.


The Shake is something you can use at night or during the day to replace a meal.


There are different types of Kale. There is red kale which is better for the macula of the eye. There are also regular green kale and the dinosaur kale which is very crispy and has good flavor - very good to make shakes because it blends nicely.

You can add strawberries, raspberry and cinnamon to this recipe. (Dr. Berg is no longer recommending fruit.)



  • You are not going to juice the berries before you put them in the blinder. You can put the stems and every part of the kale inside the blinder as well – about a handful.

  • Then put in your banana.

  • Add a 1 ½ cup of water.

  • Blend for 2 to 4 minutes or you will have chunks of kale still in it.  

  • Then drink it. That’s all you do.


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How to Make Your Own Weight Loss Shake
How to Make Your Own Weight Loss ShakeHow to Make Your Own Weight Loss Shake (Dr. Berg is no longer recommending fruit)
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