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How to Keep the Weight Off

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Let’s get into why people gain weight or simply 'plateau'.

First of all, the maximum fluid weight loss a person can experience is almost unlimited. I have had seen people lose 10 pounds per day for many days. But the maximum fat loss is only 1 to 2 pounds per week. If your friend is losing 8 pounds per day and you are only losing 2, you might think you are doing badly, when in fact, what you’re experiencing is normal. Not knowing this can cause you to give up.

Another situation occurs when your adrenal glands are burnt out. When the stress glands (adrenals) overwork, they can start to break down your proteins, especially in the thigh muscles and in the butt. These become flabby and weak. What’s happening is your body is eating itself up and turning muscle into sugar. This higher level of sugar in the blood does three things: (1) it causes insulin to convert sugar into fat around the stomach region; (2) it creates a swing to low blood sugar, causing cravings for sweets; and (3) it blocks fat-burning, because in the presence of sugar, the body will not burn fat at all.

When this person starts a good weight-loss program, they will not lose anything at first, except maybe some small amount of water weight. However, their energy goes up, they sleep better, and their strength increases. But there is no weight loss!


This is because the body is healing proteins in the muscles first. Protein weighs more than fat. The person simply needs to continue (especially the Adrenal diet) and make sure that they keep a nearly constant supply of proteins in the diet—this is why I like people to eat raw nuts between meals. Then the body will not go after its own proteins. The person will eventually lose weight after the body has healed.

You don’t have to lose weight to get healthy; it’s just the reverse—you need to get healthy so you can lose weight. Different bodies need different diets.

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