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Forget About The Calories Just Reduce Sugars

By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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Forget About the Calories Just Reduce Sugars

The average person in the U.S. consumes a 140lbs of sugar in their diet every single year and this does NOT include hidden sugars that are in breads, alcohol and even baby food.

All that sugar gets in your blood stream and the hormone called insulin pulls the sugar out of the blood.

The insulin is made by the pancreas.The pancreas has these little cells called beta cells which make the insulin and lowers the sugar.

Too much sugar is deadly. Our body is not made to consume that much sugar.

I have a patient that drinks 6 pack of soda per day that are 12oz each. I don't know how she is still alive.

Sugar puts stress on the beta cell and over time the receptor that supposed to take in the insulin won’t receive it. 

Eventually, you will end up with diabetes type II.

With diabetes type II is simply too much sugar in the blood. Your body is trying to reject this insulin by causing the receptor to stop accepting insulin.

It says, I had enough and blocks it which causes the insulin to go up.

Side-effects of long term consumption of too much sugar:

  • Coma

  • Mental cognitive issues

  • Irritable and tiredness

  • Nerve problems

  • Vision problems

  • High blood pressure

  • Belly fat

  • High cholesterol


Metformin comes from an herb is given to diabetes patients and it makes the receptor receive the insulin better.

It forces your body to accept the insulin which is why it has a lot of side-effects.

Too much metformin can get lactic acidosis that’s a fancy word for you getting to much acid in your blood and your losing oxygen.

You will have a lot hyperventilation, liver failure and kidney failure.


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Check out what the American Junk Food....I'm sorry, Diabetes Association says about diabetes myths at

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