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Effect of Stress on the Brain

By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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Effects of Stress on the Brain

Your adrenal gland is the stress gland. You might have heard the adrenals involved with the fight of flight mechanism which is a stress state that you are active fighting or fleeing.

You have heightened awareness and all sorts of reactions that occur to prepare your body for stress.

Increase no excitability. 

~ Ciba – pg. 84

What does that mean?

On the cognitive function, you are increasing your thinking a lot where the thoughts are no longer linear but it pops up which mean they come up in spurts and then it gets into excessive solving problem.

Your constantly solving problem even non–existing ones just in case they might occur. The problem is, it won’t turn off even when you are sleeping or even when you talking to someone.

As it progresses you will find your tolerance of stress is way down and people gets on your nerves easily. You will especially do anything that is not survival, like people doing stupid things or things out of order in a room.

 If you are really stressed over a long period of time or later when it gets really bad you will start having memory problem.

There is a GPS in the brain, that will help locate during time and space. That connection to that GPS becomes inhibited with adrenal stress.

You have a lag time with finding what you were talking about, where we you were going or have to back track or not remembering where you park.


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