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Dr Bergs Weight Loss Online Tracker


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Dr. Berg's Weight Loss Online Tracker

The Tracker Program is being replaced by the membership site, please make note:

Fat Burning Tracker Coach is a web based internet program that tracks lifestyle activities that burn fat, then gives valuable feedback and support on regarding the influences of hormones on foods, exercise and sleep.

The fat burning tracker is unlike anything you’ve used before. It’s a very unique web based interactive tool to lose weight and get healthy. The whole entire program is based on the hormone influences over the food, exercise and other body changes you experience on a daily basis.

It’s not base on calories or fat grams; it’s based on more important factors -  those that really help you lose weight.

What we’ve found by doing this for thousands of people is that you really don’t have a low will-power, you just were never told exactly what to do.

Once you know what to do, and we put your attention on it through the evolution of going through the process, it’s a discovery on how to create health and how to do it long term. The fat burning tracker builds you up because what it does, it emphasizes those factors that will make sure you win and get healthy.

The whole philosophy is completely different than anything else out there. We getting you healthy to lose weight not losing weight to get healthy.

If you follow the program, you will be successful.

How The Dietary Nutrient Assessment Helps to Lose Weight

  • The tracker directly dresses you.
  • Because the program was design and built on an advance technology platform, it has the capability of collecting and analyzing your information against the many factors that affects weight loss and then creates a program that exactly fits your circumstances.
  • Results are much easier to attain as you following a program design around the important hormone influencing factor, the trigger fat burning.
  • It’s online and very easy to interact with as part of your daily routine.

It tracks all the input in the body as compared to everything else which is tracking the output such as your blood and urine. No one is checking what is going in your body that is going to end up with the deficiency down the road.

The hardest part about weight loss is getting started, following it through, completing it and knowing exactly what to do.

The fat burning tracker has those tools to tell you what to do. You have access to a train health coach,  if anything that comes up. They are responsible for getting you through the program to the very end.

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