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Cancer and Sugar Are Best Friends

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 11/08/2021


Watch this video to learn fascinating and valuable facts about cancer, sugar, and ketones.


0:00 Introduction: Cancer and sugar are best friends

0:50 Studies on sugar and cancer

1:14 The best thing for lowering cancer risk

1:55 Can keto help fight cancer?

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In this video, we’re going to talk about why cancer and sugar are best friends.

Cancer cells are avid sugar-eaters. They use a significant amount of sugar. In fact, sugar can trigger cancer cell production.

The reason cancer cells love sugar is that they have a different metabolism than normal cells.

Cancer cells ferment sugar molecules. They are also anaerobic, meaning they are without oxygen.

Doctors use PET scans—which is the process of injecting someone with radio-labeled glucose—to identify areas of the body that are hogging glucose (sugar), indicating cancer cells.

Cancer cells break down sugar much faster than normal cells.

The Journal of Clinical Investigation proved that the overconsumption of sugar promotes cancer. Many studies also show that obesity and diabetes can increase the risk of cancer. Of course, the primary cause of obesity and diabetes is consuming sugar.

Sugar creates a lot of oxidation and damage to your mitochondria, which contributes to cancer cell formation.

The best thing you can do to decrease your risk of cancer is to eliminate sugar from your diet.

How? The easiest and most effective way to eliminate sugar from your diet is to do Healthy Keto and intermittent fasting.

Is keto enough to help someone who already has cancer? Unfortunately, no. Ketones can provide the raw material to cancer cell membranes and contribute to cancer growth.

Normal cells can use fatty acids—not just ketones—to build their membranes. The question is, is there a natural compound that can block cancer cell biochemical pathways while still supplying normal cells with raw material? The answer is: I think so.

I’m currently doing a lot of research on this right now. I’ll make another video soon on this topic to explain more.






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