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Cancer and Ketones

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 06/16/2021


Is keto good or bad for cancer? Here’s my viewpoint on cancer and ketones.


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0:18 Is keto good for cancer?

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2:30 What is the best diet if you have cancer?

Let’s talk about cancer and ketones.There has been a debate on whether the ketogenic diet is good or bad for people with cancer, and also whether or not the keto diet is the best diet once you get cancer. Here is my viewpoint based on the data I have.

I believe that a healthy ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting and periodic prolonged fasting is the best diet to help prevent cancer. I say this because I believe the cause of cancer is mitochondrial damage, and there is nothing that destroys the mitochondria more than metabolic syndrome, high insulin, and a diet high in sugar.

You have two different types of ketones:

1. Ketones that are produced by a low-carb diet

2. Ketones that are produced when you’re fasting

There is some evidence that shows that cancer cells can consume ketones. But, when you get your ketones from fasting, you also get a massive anticancer effect with the help of the immune system and the help of certain genetic things. The ketones that occur when fasting will not feed cancer like the ketones that occur when you’re just doing a low-carb diet.

When you’re fasting, your normal cells may also be a bit more protected from chemo and radiation, but cancer cells don’t get that protection. The ketones that occur from fasting may also enhance the effects of radiation.

But what if you already have cancer? The answer to this is evolving as more data emerges. We’re actually doing some very interesting research that involves strategic clinical trials done by high-level scientists. We’re trying to find a protocol that doesn’t involve massive amounts of fasting. But, right now, we know fasting is the most powerful weapon against cancer.

The eating plan for cancer is a low-carb, low-protein, low-fat diet that’s high in nutrient-dense vegetables. The problem is, what happens if you’re very thin? We’re not trying to go low-calorie, but this is a low-calorie diet because we’re trying to starve the cancer of various fuels. Then, you add fasting where you’re not eating at all. So, there are a few problems we still need to solve.

The cool thing about the phytonutrients from plants is that they are selective. This means that a lot of the phytonutrients from plants are anticancer and only affect cancer cells negatively and not your other cells.

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