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Burn Fat While You Sleep

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Is it important to know “when” a person burns fat? Consider this: “… a person doesn’t melt fat during exercising or during the day; people burn fat only while they are sleeping”.

This statement is in my book, “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning”, and creates both skepticism and curiosity. You can try this experiment on yourself to check if this is true or not. You can weigh yourself in the early morning, then at night for three days in a row. This will tell you if there was any difference between losing anything between early morning to late night or late night to early morning. Some people think that working out 2 hours in the gym will burn 400 calories. During these three days, you may lose nothing during the day, but you may lose up to a quarter pound each night. This is interesting, because it shows that the 400 calories burned at the gym were sugar calories, not fat calories.

Hormones that burn fat get triggered through what you do during the day, but the actual burning process happens when you are very calm and resting. The minute you stress yourself, you shut off weight loss.

One of the most interesting things has to do with fat-making hormones. All it takes is just a little of the wrong foods before bed, to prevent any fat burning from occurring. This is depressing, yet hopeful, as I list in my book all the foods you need to stay completely away from. One thing on the list is orange juice. Half a glass of orange juice before bed will block fat burning for 8 hours.

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