Breast Cancer in Men

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 10/25/2021

Breast cancer in men is a trending situation, and we need to talk about it.


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Male breast cancer is becoming more common. 1 out of 100 breast cancer cases diagnosed in the United States involves men.

Risk factors for breast cancer in men:

1. Medications that involve estrogen

• For example, certain treatments for the prostate.

2. Radiation

• Radiation from x-rays or cat scans involving the breast tissue can increase your risk.

3. Cirrhosis of the liver

• This advanced scar tissue of the liver can cause your androgens to decrease and your estrogen to increase. A healthy liver is also needed to detoxify excess estrogen.

4. Alcohol

• Alcoholic beverages, like beer, can increase estrogen.

5. Being overweight

• Fatty tissue is like a magnet for estrogen.

6. Plastic chemicals

7. Soy

• If you consume non-certified organic soy, you’re being exposed to hexane, which is a neurotoxin. There are also other things in soy that can increase your estrogen levels. Soy can be found in many vegetarian foods, fake meats, protein bars, diet shakes, and textured vegetable protein. You should also avoid soy protein isolates, and soy protein concentrates.

**Cruciferous vegetables are the best protective foods against estrogen. Be sure to consume these on a regular basis and do what you can to avoid things that will increase your estrogen levels, like soy.

Video on Plastic Pollution:

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