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Body Stress Defined

By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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Body Stress Defined

As you sit you may have body stress could be in your back, feet, in the back of your skull, your chest or your stomach.

Body stress is a form of tensions or tightness that accumulates from many different stressors over time such as:

  • Surgery Stress -  removing of your thyroid, tonsils or gallbladder

  • Injury Stress such as falling on your knees, car accident or whiplash.

  • Infection Stress – sore throat, viruses, sinuses

  • Physical stress – menstrual cycle every month

  • Emotional stress – Divorces, loss of someone, being married, having kids

  • Chemical Stress – Drinking alcohol and eating a lot of junk food over a period of time.

  • Exercise Stress - if you are overdoing it.


These stressors that cause body stress and become chronic or stay too long.

Body stress is an inappropriate reaction. The body supposed to remove stress the tension of injuries long after.

Your body is still reacting to these older injuries and traumas. As you get older tension builds up creating stiffness.

Certain muscles and tissues that are in a contracted state that will not relax or turn off.

If you go to sleep at night and you just watch your body you will notice certain things won’t turn off like your:

  • Mind

  • Legs

  • Chest

  • Back

This tension is preventing you from deep sleep, rejuvenating, recovering and losing weight.

Fat burning must occur in the recovery faze which is when you are in deep sleep and relaxing not when you are in stress.

Stress activates a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone by the adrenal gland.

That hormone has the capacity of producing fat around the organs call visceral fat because your body is trying to protect the organs.

Body stress stops motion in the body which is a loss of communication in that body part. When you lose communication in the body part like your pancreas, it will do what it wants to do.


How to Remove Body Stress

You have to get sleep because that’s where you recover, heal and recharge.

Sometimes the body can’t sleep because of body stress.

I use acupressure to help remove the stress. Acupressure works to turn off the stress mechanism in your that is stuck on.

Once the stress is extracted out of the body they can then sleep, they have movement, blood circulating and will have better recovery when they sleep.

With recovery you will have better metabolism and more weight loss.

Reduces body stress:

  • Good nutrition like calcium and potassium.

  • Exercise like walking.

  • Changing your environment. Sometimes if you are in a job that is very stressful, you need to get another job.


If you are in a marriage that is very stressful, you have to change that situation.

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