Blood Sugar Control Using Kale Shake

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 10/23/2011

Blood Sugar Control Using Kale Shake

“In the morning I take the kale shake just before it is time to eat my breakfast and it brings my blood sugar down." Patient of Dr. Berg's Clinic

"Sometimes it comes down to about 99 and then I can eat my breakfast which takes it back up some but over the amount I want it to go over.

I was amazed. I was like. ‘Is this kale shake really making my blood sugar go down?’

I had higher blood sugar numbers this morning, but I learned I can’t have too much of a snack.

I have to lower the amount of what I eat at night. I’ve decided to have a shake at night and then a small snack.”

Results of the Kale Shake

“I feel a lot better. I never had my numbers be so low," Patient says.

"I felt strange because I’m used to it being so high and I didn’t realize that my body would feel different.

I’ve had high levels for so long and now that it is at normal levels I’ve noticed my eyes are clearer, I have more energy and I can go walking now.

I haven’t been able to go walking in so long. When I first came to Dr. Berg’s office I could barely get out the bed.

I definitely see a difference of how what I eat effects my body.  I watch Dr. Berg’s video’s and I read his book. I have learned so much and I feel a whole lot better.

I’m looking forward to continue to get my health back and then losing the weight.” Patient says.

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