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Bad Weight Loss Logic , No Results

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Logic is the reasoning surrounding why something works. The results of any given task depend on how good your logic, or reasoning behind how and why you do something, is. Somewhere along the line, people adopted the idea that calories in equal calories out. But how do you explain the skinny guy who eats like a horse and never gains an ounce?

The omission in this faulty logic is a very misunderstood thing called hormones. Hormones are those things that regulate metabolism and control how fast you burn the fuel your body consumes (food). Hormones help the body survive by adjusting the speed of a metabolic rate even to the point where the body can run on almost no fuel for short periods of time if it needs to.

If you combine the subjects of hormones and dieting, all logic seems to fly out the window. The logic surrounding weight loss is actually opposite of what you might think. You actually have to increase your calories to speed up your metabolism. Pretty strange, huh? But this twist has to do with the type of calories you consume.

Getting your hormones to work is dependent on making sure you avoid starvation, or stress, and enhancement of nutrients IN those calories. Each hormone needs different supportive nutrients. The key nutrient the Adrenal Shape (belly fat shape) needs is potassium. I designed the Berg Essentials product with high amounts of potassium to ensure the adrenals gets what they need to do their job. And when you shop for food, just do one thing – buy and consume only high quality, nutrient dense foods. Forget about counting calories!

The second faulty logic in losing weight relates to increasing your exercise to burn off more calories. Sounds good in theory, and it might work if you are under 28 years old. As you age, you have to factor in what happens to hormones as you grow older.

All the benefits of exercise only occur after exercise, not during. And for people with belly fat, over-exercise is one way to guarantee that you never lose weight. Start with walking outside; not on a treadmill, but on a bike trail. This helps maximize stress reduction. As you get healthy and can handle more and more stress, the after-effects and benefits from your exercise will be greater and greater.

So, what’s the secret to weight loss?

Use better weight loss logic!

Get healthy, lose weight, and feel great!

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