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Are Overweight People Simply Lazy

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I recently presented at a seminar on weight loss, and a man in the audience stood up and said, “weight loss is a matter of simply eating too much and not exercising.” I asked him if he was sure about this? If being overweight is simply a matter of eating too much and not exercising, how do you explain the skinny guy who can eat like a horse and never gain an ounce, yet others barely eat anything and exercise all day long and they still can’t lose an ounce? This guy proceeded to tell me that the skinny folks must must be cheating because everyone knows that calories in equals calories out.

I hear comments like these a lot, and they all stem from the “everyone” knows or “they” say mentality. Someday, I will find out who “they” are and give them a piece of my mind for spreading false information. It actually made no difference that I tried to educate this particular guy; he had his mind made up – he refused to consider any other information other than what he had already decided was fact.

This type of misinformation is a huge problem that overweight people run into – the false perception that these people are just eating junk foods, and are lazy, couch potatoes…..

Having worked with thousands of people, I can tell you that most overweight people are far from lazy – in fact, the reality is usually just the opposite. They should get an award for trying so many things and putting so much effort into weight loss.

If you find yourself in this category (the perceived overweight lazy person), here’s what to do – first off – ignore the people who insist that your weight problem means that you’re lazy, and then step back and ask yourself this one question:

Are you absolutely sure you are combating the right problem?

If a problem doesn’t solve easily, it’s not that you don’t have good solutions; it’s usually that you are targeting the wrong problem. The reality is that you have probably been trying to solve the wrong problem.

The problem of weight gain is really a problem of energy storage and usage. Fat is an energy storage tank, and it releases energy only under very specific conditions. These conditions are ideal when the body is very well rested, non-stressed and energetic. Being tired, stressed and overtired will ensure that the fat you’re trying to shed will stick to you like glue no matter what you do. The theory that says, push yourself even if you are tired or take a metabolism booster is extremely bad advice.

Do yourself a favor and avoid the next 10 years of fruitless struggle – find your specific body type, apply a new strategy to your body that focuses on “getting healthy” and I promise you this WILL work!

So, tune out the naysayers, get healthy, lose weight, and feel great!

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